Protect Your Home & Family from Roof Rats

“How to Identify the Signs and Prevent Roof Rats from Invading Your Home”


Roof Rats Taking Over. Termites No Longer Biggest Threat.

For many years, termites were the biggest threat to homes in Austin, TX. In the past five years, roof rats have taken over. These rodents dwell in high spaces, like trees and rafters, and build nests and social colonies there.


The Recent Roof Rat Increase

Roof rats are native to Texas, but they were not normally seen in the city until recent years. Like all rats, roof rats reproduce quickly and can be extremely destructive. They are responsible for structural damage as they chew through the wood and insulation of a home. They can also invade pantries and cupboards and ruin your food.


These rodents arrived in the city mostly during the 2011 drought, which caused many species of local wildlife to move from the surrounding countryside and into the city in search of food and water. Aside from rats, local officials have also found a higher than average number of raccoons and squirrels in the city.


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Once the rats moved into the city, they began to spread. With easy access to food and shelter, they had no need to return to the rural areas. They can now be found in almost every neighborhood in Austin.


How to Prevent Roof Rats from Entering Your Home

As a preventive measure, you should seal off any cracks in your foundation or around the roof that may enable the rodents to enter your home. Roof rats are excellent climbers and jumpers. For effective roof rat prevention, if there are holes in or around your roof that can be accessed by nearby buildings or tree branches, you might get rats in your home.


How to Tell if Roof Rats Have Invaded Your Home


  • Seeing rodents in or near your property
  • Hearing the sound of scratching in the walls or ceiling
  • Finding droppings around your house
  • Finding chewed or scattered food items or paper bits




Let’s Get Your Home Free of Rats!

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If there’s one rat in your home, there are more. Handling the rat infestation before it gets out of control is the key to protecting your home and family.