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Why Mouse Infestation Can Be So Dangerous

Newly constructed apartments awaiting occupancy and residential homes are common victims of mice infestation. Warm seasons in particular tend to bring them in large numbers and humans are always the immediate victim of their joy.


These agile rodents will choose the cozy dark places in your home as their nesting grounds. Kitchens, attics and garages are frequently their favorite spots for building the small nests. And being quick breeders they can build a large population in your home in no time. In their large numbers, it can be difficult to assess the exact cost of damage such mice can cause to your property. The bottom line is, once mice infest your home, they can always cause immense damage in dangerously short amount of time.


1. Destruction of the attic

Empty houses awaiting tenants are a common easy target for mice infestation. But even if the house is occupied, these rodents can stealthily set up their nests in your attic without getting noticed. There they will deposit their urine and droppings that typically spoil the material by causing it to waste away quickly. What makes it even worse is the way these animals are adapted to hide from sight during the day only to come out at night when you are asleep.


2. Damage of electric cables

Mice can chew on electric cables, destroying the protective insulation and leaving the wiring exposed. Needless to mention, bare electric cables can be a time bomb! Any contact water or the human body can cause a dangerous electrical shock.


3. Structural damage

Mice, like many rodents often dig holes through the walls, roofs, attic, floors and chimneys to create their entryways. In the process, they can weaken the foundation of your building and cause extensive damage to your water pipes, ventilation and drainage systems. Repairing such damages can be really costly.


4. Contamination

These rodents can feed on both human and pet foods especially those left uncovered, leaving their saliva and other contaminating matter like urine and droppings there. Mice urine and droppings contain hazardous germs some of which are airborne. When you sweep them to clean up, the germs may spread and cause severe bacterial diseases to your family.


5. Damage to other household items

Perhaps you’ve woken up to unsettling sounds of mice chewing your books, clothes or furniture sometime at night. Once you are asleep, mice will start their hunt for anything they can feed on. And by doing that, they can damage some of your most valuable household items including important documents.


Having mice at home doesn’t mean your home is untidy. This simply means there’s food and shelter that the rodents can use. Good news is that there are experts who know exactly how to deal with them. Call DM Pest Control to come to your rescue at the first sight of mice in your property. Acting sooner is the only way to prevent the rodents from causing extensive damage to your property.

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