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Commercial Pest Control Services

Dm’s Commercial Services Include:

  • Inspectors and Technicians Specially Trained to evaluate pest issues affecting the workplace environment and to provide services that limit disruptions in the work flow.
  • Technicians with a professional appearance and demeanor to complement the corporate environment.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Dedicated Client Service Coordinators keeping you informed at all times.
  • Unparalleled attention to detail and customer service.
  • Use of Low-impact, environmentally and people friendly materials.
  • Peace of Mind that once you call us, your problem is in our hands.

DM’s Commercial Clients Include:

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Subways
  • Retails Stores
  • Ware House
  • Property Management And Its Tenants

Pest Control Programs

  • Customized, effective & responsible solutions
  • Low-impact, environmentally sound treatment protocols
  • Interior and exterior insect & rodent control

Commercial Termite Control

  • Wood destroying insect reports
  • Liquid barrier and termite monitoring system installation

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs creep around and inside your mattress. Have you wondered how they got there? The source could, possibly, come from anywhere! Travel, wild animals, used furniture, clothing (more common), and even visitors/guests are where bedbugs could, possibly, originate.

We use the most modern technique to eliminate bedbugs by using the Steam Method Plus Chemicals like dusts, insect growth regulator, and insecticide that kill the bedbugs, nymps, and eggs, which leave you with peace of mind.

Rodent Control

This web page offers helpful suggestions for rodent control during, and after, a rodent infestation. The primary strategy for preventing human exposure to rodent diseases if effective rodent control in, and around, the home. This is achieved by eliminating any food sources, sealing even the smallest entries into homes and successfully trappiing rodents in, and around, the home.

Rodents (rats and mice) are extremely unwelcomed pests in commercial and residential buildings. Rats, for example, gnaw on upholstery, bolts of silk, papers, books and other items. Their tooth enamel has a hardness index of 5.5, which is harder than steel! Rats can, easily, chew through plastic water pipes, irrigation systems and garbage cans.

Our program prevents inestation problems in the following structures:

  • Residential Commercial and industrial
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Warehouses
  • Retail spaces
  • All locations within the food industry

Rodent Fire Danger

Rats are known to start fires by carrying matches to their hiding places, chew through gas pipes causing asphyxiation, and causing short circuits by gnawing on electrical wires.

Holes are a major source of damage causes by rodent infestation. Air Duct or other insulation piping damage. Torn insulation in walls and ceilings.

DM Termite Protection Plus Plan

Proactive Pest Protection + DM Termite Protection Yard Treatment Early Warning System that finds termites before they invade your home. We install monitoring stations around the perimeter of your home and other structures to detect termite activity BEFORE they cause costly damage. More Precise Treatments are applied, because we pinpoint activity where it begins. This allows us to be proactive, using less material and creating less potential disruption to the environment than a reactive, full scale treatment at low cost.

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