Like ants, and some bees and wasps — all of which are placed in the separate order Hymenoptera — termites divide labor among castes, produce overlapping generations and take care of young collectively. Termites mostly feed on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung, and about 10% of the estimated 4,000 species (about 3,106 taxonomically known) are economically significant as pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings, crops or plantation forests.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cost Americans more than $5 billion in damages each year. That’s more than fire and flooding combined. And their destruction knows no bounds because any home, regardless of its construction type, can offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture, and food for a termite attack. Additionally, many homeowners’ insurance plans won’t cover any of the damage. Not having termite treatment and protection can lead to problems when selling a home, since many lending institutions require a termite bond before lending money to home buyers.


With years of experience, we work to deliver unique solutions — rooted in science — that protect every home. With award-winning training and advanced technology, we will look for conditions that invite termites, tackle current infestations, and stop the life cycle to prevent future invaders. With extensive training in all areas of termite treatment and control combined with industry-leading technology, DM Pest Control will know the type of termites you have and how best to get rid of them.


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—Nationwide, termites caused more damage than hurricanes & fires combined!

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