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Termites: Signs to look for

Americans spend millions of dollars every year treating termites and repairing the damage that they cause. The ideal scenario is to prevent the termites from causing damage to begin with. Since termites are soft-bodied insects, they try to stay hidden. If termites are exposed to sunshine and fresh air, they will dry out and die.

Top 5 Myths About Bedbugs Debunked

The thought of bedbug infestation can be terrifying to anyone who knows about them. A lot of people associate bedbugs with untidy bed environments, while others barely know about the bugs. But for those who have suffered bedbug infestation, one thing holds true: the bugs are hard to eliminate. They can go into a hibernation and survive freezing for days. They can also survive without food for up to a year through hibernation. Meaning they can always resurface just when you think you’ve gotten rid of them...

Why Mouse Infestation Can Be So Dangerous

Newly constructed apartments awaiting occupancy and residential homes are common victims of mice infestation. Warm seasons in particular tend to bring them in large numbers and humans are always the immediate victim of their joy.These agile rodents will choose the cozy dark places in your home as their nesting grounds. Kitchens, attics and garages are frequently their favorite spots for building the small nests. And being quick breeders they can build a large population in your home in no time. In their large numbers, it can be difficult to assess the exact cost of damage such mice can cause to your property...

Protect Your Home & Family from Roof Rats

For many years, termites were the biggest threat to homes in Austin, TX. In the past five years, roof rats have taken over. These rodents dwell in high spaces, like trees and rafters, and build nests and social colonies there. Roof rats are native to Texas, but they were not normally seen in the city until recent years. Like all rats, roof rats reproduce quickly and can be extremely destructive. They are responsible for structural damage as they chew through the wood and insulation of a home. They can also invade pantries and cupboards and ruin your food...

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