General Pest Control

Choosing pest control services in Round Rock

Choosing pest control services in Round Rock, TX can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. While many homeowners would think that the place to start is just searching for pest control companies, it isn’t.

There are a few steps before you get there to make sure you have the best pest control experience possible and many of these steps don’t take much time.  You may be thinking that you can’t possibly make one more decision because you make decisions all of the time. A day doesn’t go by without some type of choice to be made and often it is many choices to be made. However, don’t take shortcuts when deciding on pest control because it will cost you in the long run.

Determine What You Need

Before you start looking for a pest control company in Round Rock, TX you need to determine what it is you need. Do you need someone to just come and see if there is a problem? Are you looking for preventative services? Or maybe you have an active termite infestation or fire ants taking over your yard.

Whatever the issue is, you will need to have some idea of what you need before you make the call to book a professional. This will make the process easier for everyone involved.

Go With a Reputable Company

Reputation in many areas of life matters greatly. This includes the pest control industry. Word of mouth referrals are significant and can be an indicator of what type of company you will be working with. Ask trusted friends and relatives for suggestions. Here are a few questions to ask them to get you started in the right direction.

What Pest Control Company/ies Have You Used?

Some friends and family may not have any experience with a pest control company but odds are that if they are a homeowner, they have had at least one. The best first question is “which company did you use?”

What Was Your Experience Like?

Ask for all of the details good and bad. Were they on time? Were they friendly, knowledgeable, and professional? Do you feel like the job was done well and completed? Were they responsive to calls and questions? All of these things matter and will play into your overall experience.

Would You Use Them Again?

If they wouldn’t be a repeat client then you shouldn’t be a first-time client. It is as simple as that.

Make Sure They are Qualified

While recommendations are great, they don’t matter if the company isn’t qualified and licensed. Before you book a company for pest control services asks about their licensing, years of experience, and qualifications of their exterminators.  DM Pest Control in Round Rock, TX has decades of experience and is fully licensed to take care of all of your pest control needs.

If you are in Round Rock, TX, and find yourself in need of pest control services, contact DM Pest Control for a free quote today.

Pest Treatment

Best Pest Control Company in Round Rock TX

We are in Texas and there is no doubt that the battle with bugs is real. Not just an ant here and here or maybe a pesky mosquito either. We are talking about all of the bugs. Ants (many different types), wasps, termites, mosquitos, flies, roaches, bed bugs, and the list goes on. Seeing an ant infestation in your kitchen or termites swarming your house can be overwhelming and scary for homeowners.

But that isn’t the most overwhelming part. Many homeowners are at a loss when it comes to finding a pest control company that is trustworthy, efficient, and affordable. Often, they don’t even know what to look for or how to tell the difference between companies. If you are in Round Rock, TX then look no further, DM Pest Control is at the top of the industry.

Professionalism Matters

Professionalism should never be overlooked when you are looking for a pest control company. DM Pest Control is known for its professionalism. They respond quickly, show up on time, and complete the job with excellence.  When you trust DM Pest Control with your pest control needs you can count on a job well done.

They even offer free quotes so you know what to expect before you hire them.

Check Qualifications

Proper qualifications are often overlooked when homeowners choose a pest control company but they couldn’t be more important. A pest infestation can cause some panic which can lead to uninformed decisions and an unqualified pest control company. DM Pest Control is not only a family-owned company with decades of experience, but they are also licensed and insured. It is this combination of knowledge and experience that makes DM Pest Control a wise choice for your pest control needs.

Caring Matters

The personal feel of the service you receive from your pest control professional is important and for many homeowners will help them decide if they will use the company again or not.  DM Pest Control understands that your home, space, privacy, and family are important to you and strive to protect all of those things.  Each job is valued and treated as a priority so your family can get back to your daily life without worrying about pests.

When looking for a rest control company in Round Rock, TX make sure that the company cares about you and your family and that company is DM Pest Control

Committed to Service

A good pest control company is committed to serving its clients to the best of its ability at all times. They offer the same quality pest control to every single client every single time. DM Pest Control has a consistency of service that can’t be rivaled in Round Rock, TX. Clients see the commitment and know that their pest control problem is in the best hands.

There is never a bad time to have your pest control problem taken care of. Call DM Pest Control of Round Rock today for a free quote.

Mosquito Treatment

The Best Mosquito Control in Leander, TX

In cooler Texas evenings, a nice outdoor dinner can quickly be ruined by mosquitoes who come out to get their meal, as well. Keeping mosquitoes from biting you is a full-time job when the weather is warm and breezeless. Mosquitoes can be relentless as they buzz around your face and exposed legs and arms, looking for a place to land and bite. In Leander, TX, calling a professional pest control company for mosquito control around your home and property may be a simple solution to reclaim your backyard and get your family back to enjoying the great outdoors.


To keep mosquitoes at bay, it is important to know how to discourage them from buzzing around your home in the first place. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in shallow, undisturbed water. Inspecting your property for any places that may allow water to stand and promptly turning over any buckets or flower pots that tend to fill up when it rains can help keep your yard from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Planting mosquito-repelling plants around your house and patio can also deter these bloodsuckers from taking over your favorite spots in your yard.

Turning on an outdoor overhead fan or keep a movable fan blowing while you are on the porch or patio to create a breeze. Mosquitoes can’t fly well in the wind and a fan will at least keep these little flyers away from you when you are outside your Leander home.


Over-the-counter foggers and repellants can be purchased for your yard or personal use. Some people do not like the idea of spraying their bodies and clothes with repellants for fear of harmful effects.

By calling a professional pest control company in Leander, Tx, your home and yard will be evaluated and inspected to give your property a personalized treatment to not only eradicate mosquitoes from around your pool, playground, or porch but to keep them from coming back.


No one likes the itchy, red spots caused by mosquitoes biting and sucking your blood.  But for some people, the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes can be much more severe. Risks associated with mosquito bites can be:

  • Bright, red, swollen welts that can resemble hives, especially on the face
  • Some mosquitoes carry diseases that they have picked up from other sources
  • Bites can become infected when scratched with impetigo and other types of bacterial infections

Mosquitoes are not the kind of pest you want buzzing around your Leander home or your family. They can use wet spots in your yard for laying eggs, including at the foot of some of your favorite flowering plants. Male mosquitoes eat nectar from flowers while the females are the ones torturing your family with bites. The entire lifecycle of a mosquito can be just two weeks long but they can get a lot of biting in before they die.

Protect your family from the annoying to dangerous bites of mosquitoes by calling a professional to treat your yard and home for these buzzing pests. Call DM Pest Control today!