5 Best Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs

February 07, 2022 DM Pest Bed Bugs

Just the thought of tiny little bugs sucking your blood as you sleep is enough to make even the bravest person shudder. Bed bugs can wreak havoc both physically and psychologically. Although there are some environments that are more conducive to bed bugs, no one is truly exempt from risk thanks to the proliferation of travel and the possibility of picking up bed bugs at a hotel or in the airport. If you want to keep your home protected, here are the 5 best tips to prevent bed bugs.

  1. Know the Signs of Bed Bugs

It’s pretty difficult to prevent something if you don’t know how to recognize the very problem you’re trying to prevent. Study up on the signs of bed bugs so you’ll know how to spot them as quickly as possible if they happen to weasel their way into your home. Keep an eye out for dark stains on the sheets and mattress, small blood stains on your sheets, or rows of bug bites on your skin when you wake up.

  1. Remove Clutter

Bed bugs make themselves at home in more places than just your bed. They can hide in outlets, couches, piles of clothes, you name it. Eliminating potential hiding places can prevent a bed bug infestation from becoming worse than it already is. Spend a little time decluttering as you clean – not only will you take a step towards bed bug prevention, but you’ll also have less to dust next time around!

  1. Be Vigilant at Hotels or Rental Properties

Other home and business owners may not be as vigilant as you are when it comes to bed bugs. Be on your guard when staying at hotels or rental properties to ensure there isn’t a bed bug problem in the place you’re staying while on a trip. Keep your luggage on a dresser or desk rather than the bed to lessen the chance the little critters will climb into your suitcase. Check sheets and mattresses carefully for signs of bed bugs before cozying up for the night.

  1. Be Prepared

Although bed bugs can enter and take over your home very quickly, there are things you can do to prepare for and prevent a bed bug infestation. Bed bug interceptors are great for preventing the little guys from being able to climb up the legs of your bed. Also, it may be worthwhile to invest in mattress covers to seal your mattress and box spring to keep bed bugs from accessing either one.

  1. Be Careful What You Bring Home

If you love finding treasures at thrift stores and garage sales, beware. Thoroughly check any items you bring home, especially mattresses, furniture, and articles of clothing. Bed bugs are always looking to hitch a ride to a new host, and that quirky-cute reading chair might be their ticket into your home.

Bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to choosing a host – they are opportunists of the highest degree, so be sure to take every measure possible to prevent them from entering your home. Preparation and prevention are key when it comes to bed bugs, potentially saving you enormous amounts of unnecessary grief and stress. If you do happen to have a bed bug problem in Leander, TX, or the greater Austin area, call DM Pest Control today for a free estimate by a bed bug control professional.