6 Tips on How to Remove Possums Humanely

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

Are you facing nuisances due to possum? Do not panic, since possums are comparatively less harmful to human beings than the other rodents. Despite having sharp, pointy teeth, they do not bite and are found to be resistant to rabies. But that does not mean you would welcome them in your residence with open arms.

They should not enter your home or premise because they defecate and their faecal matter contains several bacteria which would be very harmful to you and your family. Through the following Possum removal and trapping Round Rock steps, you would learn how to remove them humanely.

6 Tips to remove possums humanely

The steps mentioned below are useful to you. They are:

  • After seeing a possum, do not panic!

Possums are docile creature by nature. If you view one inside your home, do not get agitated and hit them. Just keep calm and nudge them lightly with a broom, and they will surely leave your house without creating any hassle.

  • Check to see if they are in your deck or patio

If you suspect a possum living in your patio or lawn, then fill the suspected hole with newspaper, leaves or soil. A possum living inside the tunnel will push through the barricade and again leave a gap. But if the hole is shut for two or three days, you can be sure that nothing is living there. This method is one of the best Possum-removal and trapping techniques.

Wait to see if any possum is coming out

In case you are sure that a possum is living under your patio, make sure to wait at least three hours after dark so that it leaves. If it went, then make sure it left no baby behind. Generally, they do not leave their kids, but it is better safe to be sorry.

  • If you are unsure call a professional

Call a Pest control service round rock, if you are uncertain that every possum has left your house. The companies find the source from where the possums are coming or where they hiding. But make sure while shooing them away, the companies do not use harmful pesticides on them.

  • Put up an “L” footer around your fence

According to possum removal company DM Pest Control, an L-shaped fence is the best way through which you could avoid possums entering your premises. These fences are put up around the patio of your home. These fences are upright and dig a foot deep in the ground. Due to the depth, the possums could not enter your home by digging the soil.

Make sure the fence does not trap the possums

When you install an “L” shaped fence around your home, make sure the possums do not get caught in the gaps between the rails. To avoid this nuisance, fill the hole with soil, or newspaper and observe that for a few days to make sure no animal is trapped there.

The above were some of the ways through which you could avoid possums at your home on your own. But if the problem intensifies, you should contact a pest control service in Hutto to solve it. Though you should make sure they do so without harming the animals.