7 Easy Ways You Can try for Possum Control

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

Possums are the least nuisance creating a creature to face, though seems to be scary with all that pointy and sharp teeth they do not attack humans. Unlike another rodent, they are resistant to rabies, so if you worrying about the growing possum problem in your locality the above-mentioned points might give you some relief.

Still, there is a need to properly remove them from your property as they might not be a problem for you but your home might suffer. So, here are some tips that you can use for possum removal and trapping in Round Rock, Texas.

1. Stay calm on your encounter with a possum

If you come across a possum or it gets into your house through the doggy door you need to stay calm as they are generally docile creatures. Just gently nudge them with a long stick (broom may be fine) and they will go.

2. Look for possum hideouts on your property.

Before calling a Pest control service in Round Rockyou can look for their whereabouts and see if they are living near you or not. Look for the hole and fill it with soil, newspaper, leaves or other similar material that can be used if the possum is living in it you will find the material removed from the hole as possum push it on its way out of the hole. If there is no such activity you can assume that there is no one living in that hole.

3. Incorporate “L” Footer

L- Shaped footer is fences that you can be put around decks and crawl spaces where there are chances of possum taking shelter.

4. Fence, Not Trap

If you are not trapping possum by your L-footer fence it may be because you are not doing it right. The best way to put up L-footer is to leave the gap and later filling up with the above-mentioned material if the material is not removed then finish the installation of L-footer.

Is it safe for you to trap?

Though you can trap possum as there are plenty of traps that are available in the market and stores but make sure you are not violating any local law.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can always come for expert help; at DM Pest Control were we can help you to remove possum without causing any harm to the animal.