Do mosquitoes find a certain blood type yummier?

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

Have you wondered why the mosquitoes chase you the most of all the people? There are things that you are ignoring that make you special for mosquitoes. Let’s look at all these factors:

Mosquitoes and Blood Types

Your blood type may provide you the superpower of attracting mosquitoes. According to scientists, the mosquitoes prefer one blood type over the other.  Journal of Medical Entomology study can help you further to know about specific species and their blood type preferences.

Which Blood Types Do Mosquitoes Prefer

Type O-blood is the universal donors and also the “tastiest” for mosquito. It has noticed in the studies that on O-blood type people mosquito landed twice than the skin of A-blood type. It is because the chemicals produced by your body depends on your DNA that is also the reason behind what blood type you are going to get. These chemicals are the reason you attract the mosquito more than others. If you are bothered by the mosquito attack at your house you can contact pest control service.

What Other Factors Attract Mosquitoes?

Other factors that make a mosquito attracted to you are:


Insects use carbon-di-oxide to locate their meal. More the metabolic rate means more mosquitoes will be driven to you due to the Carbon-di-oxide production in your body and more the mosquitoes will be lured towards you.

Your Clothing

Mosquitoes are visual too clothing color and it is also the reason you are going to have your time being chased by the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes tend to be attracted to the bright colored clothes.

Mosquitoes are carriers of many diseases so it is better you cover your skin in the summers and also you can try various mosquito removal methods.