Fleas Bothering you? Try These 2 Simple Flea Treatment Steps

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

If you’ve got cats like me, you’d know the poor guys unknowingly bring in fleas. Fleas are disgusting and blood-sucking pests and you don’t want them in your home. Here, I’ve got some really simple things I learned from mom which could help you get rid of fleas naturally. So… here we go!

Before we talk about Flea treatment round rocklet us have a sneak peek into what flea bites do to people.

Flea Bites- Effects

Fleas are considered as pests because of their vicious habits of biting. Fleas bite your poor pets and they bite you. These pests just can’t do without blood. While these guys bite humans rarely, but the majority of the time, it is your dearly loved pets which become victims to the fleas and their bites. They are not exactly painful if you compare wasp stings nevertheless, it will turn out to be aware once it has been bitten.

Like all insect bites, bites of these vicious pests can cause itchiness and follow by swelling that occurs around the area that had been bitten. Despite the fact that cases of flea-related diseases are extremely rare in the U.S., fleas act as vectors for many different types of diseases.

Homemade Flea Treatments

We tend to overlook or look with disdain much of the remedies our forefathers gave, considering them to be outdated since we have modern-day remedies. But trust me on this, home remedies actually work!

  • Fill your plate or your bowl with a concoction of lukewarm water and dish soap. Now, apply this solution in all of your rooms of the house which had been given away to the large amount flea infestation. This solution acts as adhesive, which traps these pests due to high gumminess of the same. Try repeating the above method again every day. To be most effective, it needs to be carried out at night. This is for the reason that, most of the times, fleas are night-time creatures. It has been suggested that while you are applying the solution, place a candle near the glue that enables you to have a natural flea medicine. However, do not do this because of the possible fire peril that an untainted and unattended, a flame is capable of causing.
  • To treat the flea infestations with some salt which are finely ground, they work best and sprinkle the same over the carpets where you’ll usually find these pesky pests in each of your rooms. Please make sure that you have some salt to stay where you have sprinkled it for one to two days, then use a vacuum cleaner al through your home emptying the inside in an exterior trash bin.


Despite the fact that I endear home remedies to chemical ones, there is a necessity at times when you need a pest control service Austin Texas. That is when DM Pest Control comes in handy.