How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home and to Get Rid of Them

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment


Bed Bugs are usually travelling and like free rides in someone else’s vehicle like Hitchhikes. Their best places to hide in suitcases, shoes, boxes, old mattresses, etc., to be near to their food joints. Bed Bugs are elusive and active in midnight for their food supplies. Bed Bugs rises in the night for a blood meal. Bed Bugs are blood-sucking parasites who survive and live only on blood. They hide inside in your bed mattresses, pillows, cracks in the baseboard and other hidden areas of the bed, where human reach is inaccessible.

Bed bugs hiding spots

They can also hide inside the electrical switch-boards, wallpapers, old furniture & couches, nearly everywhere in your home, office, Car, Bus etc. Bed Bugs are aggressive and opportunistic insects in nature and for food (Blood Meal), time doesn’t even matter if the area is heavily-infested with them. It takes 5-10minutes to gobble with blood. Post-Feeding, they rush to their habitats and safe zones, to hide for 5-10days. Bed bug life cycle starts during these hours and they digest their meal and lay eggs.

Habitats of Bed Bugs

Where do bed bugs live? Bed Bugs like to hide in places where they are close to human beings like in bed mattresses, tiny cracks in old furniture, couches, boxes, suitcases, etc. You can easily locate them behind the baseboard, wallpapers and in furniture like old couches and furniture crevices. Bed Bugs are like to survive in temporary or alternative habitats, like backpacks, under the car seats, buses, trains.

Bed Bugs Bites and Health Concerns

Bed Bugs can dine on any warm-blooded animal, but the priority is Human Beings. They don’t spread diseases, but their bites can cause various skin problems like red and itchy welts. Bed bugs prefer to dine during the night hours when people are at sleep. They feed through piercing the skin with the elongated beak to draw blood from the body. Engorgement process of bed bug usually takes about 3-10minutes, since their bite is painless, the victim seldom perceive they have been bitten.

And immediately after feeding bed bugs rush to their safe zones, their scheduled location to digest their feed.

Bed Bug bites symptoms may vary from person to person. Some people may have an itchy red welt post bed bug bites or others may not have any reaction. At times, symptoms may be delayed or visible after a few days or weeks later after the bed bugs bites, which can make it difficult to examine the reasons to investigate the causes for symptoms. Study on Bed Bugs revealed bed bug infested residence about 30percent of people don’t react to bug bites on repeated incidents over time, a higher incident of non-reactivity cases are from the age group of adults and above.

Bed bug removal

Bed bugs are exposed to any part of a skin area on the body while sleeping; like the neck, face, shoulders, back, arms etc; unlike other insects like flea bites that mainly like to feed around the lower legs and ankles. Symptoms of infestation may on unnoticed for a long duration and may cause a serious health hazard for not being detected. Bed bugs bites can be identified if you have any spots on the body like itchy welts in the morning and that wasn’t there a night before you slept. finding their hiding spot is not easy unless you are one of the profound bed bug removal in Austin.

A study reference from the University of Kentucky Entomology revealed the bed bugs would leave itchy welts, shed skin, faecal spots, etc on the body and other possible sources of discomfort and irritation on the body may be inaccurate for bed bugs.

The main concern with Bed Bugs is they whether or not they create health hazards and transmit diseases. Bed Bugs can harbor various pathogens, diffusion to human hasn’t been certified and is unlikely to consider. Their medical examination represents the most common attributes to itching and inflammation from their bites. Prescribed medicines may be Antihistamines and Corticosteroids to reduce allergic reactions and Antiseptic or antibiotic ointments would recommend preventing Infections.

Bed Bugs bites can substantially put a pause on daily activity because of discomfort, sleeplessness, and anxiety etc. A significant impact on health has been noticed in a study conducted by health experts, living with bed bugs left an enormous amount of stress on an individual and consequential impact on the emotional health and well-being.

Use of Regular repellants which may deter ticks and mosquitoes aren’t effective against bed bugs. It isn’t advised and recommended to apply any sort of repellant at bedtime to avoid being bitten by bed bugs. Sleeping with the lights on wouldn’t also deter hungry bed bugs because they can adjust their feeding cycle according to the host’s sleeping patterns.

How Bed Bugs Infestations Originate?

It is noticed that bed bugs intrude from nowhere. The bed bugs are efficient hitchhikers and they usually travel and transported through luggage, beds, clothing, furniture and other means. This is a prominent risk for hotels and rented apartments, where rotation of guests and visitors are frequent and constant. Buying second hand and refurbished furniture like bed, couches etc, is another way that bed bugs travel into your premises.

Unlike other insects, cockroaches and fleas are feed on filth and have no connection between bed bugs and tidiness. Bed Bugs survive only on blood, pristine dwellings will be vulnerable to infestations as are surroundings of squalor. Mentioned poverty and privation may lead to bed bug infestation problem, as can be the limitation to hire a Pest Control expert.

Many beg bug species are parasites of other animals like bats or birds, they transmit to people if their host is no longer in existence. Entomologists and Knowledgeable Pest experts can easily make this determination. If animal bugs like bat bugs or bird bugs are present, nesting and roosting sites should be the main focus and these animals should be eliminated from the premises.

Controlling Bed Bugs Infestations

Bed Bugs treatment is a challenge to eliminate them. Since they have so many places to hide in premises, a thorough inspection isn’t always a certainty. Whenever it is identified or required, it is judicious to engage the services of Pest Control expert. Experienced Austin Pest Control professional know where to look for bed bugs and have a conglomeration of tools at their elimination.

Nevertheless, premises owner and occupants can help the expert in several important ways. Granting access to all living areas is hectic and excess bestrew will need to be eradicated. Bed Bugs can be dispersed thought a premises, it is mandatory to inspect all the adjoining rooms and apartment.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs are commonly found in almost any crevice or protected location. The most common place to find bed bugs is the bedroom where people sleep. This is especially a primary location during the initial stage of a problem. If infestations grow larger, the bed bugs shift beyond the beds into other location of premises and making control more difficult to eliminate them.