Mosquito Prevention and Treatment in Leander TX

June 13, 2022 DM Pest Mosquito Treatment

Mosquitos and Texas are inseparable. Or so it seems. Many Texans in Leander fight the battle against mosquitos year after year to only be frustrated time and again. But all is not lost.

There are many options when it comes to treating a mosquito problem in Leander, TX. Many of these things can be done as preventatives while others require professional services.

Prevent Attraction

Water is a huge attraction for mosquitos. In fact, it is also where mosquitos lay their eggs and where their larva hatch and grow. If there is a constant water source or standing water of any kind, there will almost certainly be mosquitos.

Change Water Regularly

One of the best ways to keep mosquitos from invading your yard is to keep the water clean and fresh. This even goes for birdbaths, kiddie pools, potted plants, and fountains.

The water in these fixtures needs to be clean and changed often as they are prime breeding grounds for mosquitos. This can put a damper on that summer party.

Keep Toys/Buckets Upside Down

Some things that are often overlooked are kids’ toys and buckets. They are left out in the rain or filled with water from some fun summer play and forgotten about. When this happens, it is like a beacon for mosquitos.

In other words, you are calling them to your yard. The best way to take care of this problem is to make sure buckets are dumped out and turned over.

Keep Gutters Clean

Many homeowners don’t think about gutters when it comes to mosquitos. However, clogged gutters can hold water in and be a prime breeding ground for mosquitos. It is best to keep your gutters clean and clear all year to prevent a nasty mosquito infestation.

Bring in the Professionals

There are many DIY products on the market that promise to get rid of your annoying mosquito problem and some of them work under certain conditions. The conditions are often consistent usage over a long period of time. Many of these systems are not forgiving if you miss a month or fail to follow the instructions to the letter.

This causes unnecessary frustration for homeowners and often their guests. But there is no reason to struggle because there are trained, reputable professionals to take care of all your mosquito prevention and treatment needs, especially in Leander, TX.

DM Pest Control can take care of your mosquito problem long-term and save your next summer get-together.  Mosquitos can be considered an irritation but that isn’t all they are. They can also be dangerous because they transmit different diseases.

Call in the professionals at DM Pest Control in Leander, TX today for a free quote to protect you and your family this summer.