Mosquito Treatment Options In Leander, Tx

September 27, 2021 DM Pest Mosquito Treatment

It’s that time of year again – sunshine, splashing around in the pool, firing up the grill…summer! But along with summer fun in the sun often comes a plague of pests – mosquitos. It’s quite difficult to enjoy the warm weather with family and friends when you’re being incessantly stung and covered in itchy mosquito bites. Why suffer unnecessarily? Keep reading for some great mosquito treatment options in Leander, TX.

Remove the Attraction

If you want to prevent mosquitos in your yard, it’s important to get rid of what attracts them. Standing water is the ideal habitat for mosquito reproduction, so make sure to cut them off at the source.

  • Keep water fresh by changing the water in birdbaths, potted plants, wading pools, and fountains at least once a week.
  • Make sure to tip over any toys, buckets, barrels, or anything else that might collect water after a strong summer rain.
  • Keep your swimming pool water clean, treated, and properly circulating.
  • Keep gutters clear of debris that might cause water to pool.

Another simple task is to switch out your lightbulbs for yellow compact fluorescent light (CFL), sodium vapor, and halogen bulbs. These types of bulbs don’t attract as many mosquitos or other flying insects, so it’s one more step towards a bug-free backyard.

Get Professional Help

There are plenty of do-it-yourself products on the market when it comes to keeping mosquitos out of your yard. However, if they aren’t properly applied on a regular basis, they’re likely to be quite ineffective. Unless you enjoy spending time in the summer heat spraying products that may or may not work, you might want to consider calling in a pro.

If you’re located in Leander, TX, you’re in luck. DM Pest Control knows just what to do to eradicate your mosquito problem! A trained professional will perform a full evaluation of your property to determine the best treatment plan for your home’s unique situation. A barrier spray will be applied to the yard, bonding to the plants to repel the mosquitos. Your technician will determine which areas are prime breeding grounds to eliminate the attraction and areas where the little critters tend to multiply. They will eliminate the threat no matter what stage the insect is in, from larvae all the way to a full-grown mosquito. The DM Pest Control professional will let you know how long to wait before you and your family can safely access your mosquito-free yard!

The truth is mosquitos are not just a nuisance that can put a serious damper on your summer fun. They are actually considered to be quite dangerous due to the number of diseases that can be transmitted by mosquito bites. Contacting a professional to eradicate a mosquito problem in your yard is a great way to show your loved ones (both human and fur-babies!) that you care. If you’re in Leander, TX, and want a mosquito-free yard this summer, contact DM Pest Control today for a free quote.