Pest Control? Quit Chemicals Go For Organic Pest Control

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

Pests are a part-and-parcel of a household. But pests are what may rightly be referred to as “uninvited guests”. One would need to get rid of them but the chemical pest control is a sheer hazard to health. It is then that he/she needs to consider the use of organic pest-control methods.

Be it pests like rodents or insects, pests can be severe health-hazard. Cockroaches and rats spread diseases like salmonella, flies pollute food and termites and raccoons are capable of reproducing rapidly causing infestations to require measures which might be drastic.

Chemical pest control can be fatal and therefore using Organic Pest Control Service round rock tx is the best option and therefore we bring to our readers, a few tips for green pest control:

1. Firstly, spinosad is a form of a naturally occurring bacterium known for its characteristics of naturally exterminating insects on plants without risking the lives of any other wildlife close by. This spray can be used by any layperson, or the pest control company may be called to do the same.

2. Second, another star performer in the organic pest-killer domain is the Rotenone. This is naturally usually present in the stems as well as seeds of certain types of plants, which is somewhat, toxic to most of the mammals. This organic pesticide is capable of terminating the lifespan of many pests such as leaf-feeding caterpillars, thrips, aphids, and beetles.

3. Third, Pytherin is a widely used green insecticide that is used in the U.S. pytherin is extracted from a plant named chrysanthemum. This green insecticide sometimes kills flying insects but often causes them to fall off.

4. Fourth, Bacillus thuringiensis is a type of bacterium capable of causing sickness among pests if they ingest it. BT (short form for Bacillus thuringiensis) when sprayed on the leafy vegetable, is capable of killing caterpillars.

5. Fifth, sticky traps are another set of organic pest killer which are hung over and close to the plants catch those insects attracted to the color. For the cucumber beetles use mobile traps.

6. Sixth an effective means of killing pests naturally is the insecticidal soap which comprises of long-chain fatty acids that are unsaturated (and which are extracted from animal fats. Insecticidal soap dissolves the skin of insects.

Sprays made from this soap are commercially made products which are sold expressly for insect control. (P.S. please do not confuse yourself with the herbicidal soaps, which mortally destroy vegetation in the place of the insects, or your household soaps, that are used as detergents.) This soap is effective against mites, aphids, whiteflies and so on.

I. Seventh, oil sprays are used to suffocate and kill pests and pest eggs and disease spores on the tree branches. Moreover, pests such as leaf miners, caterpillars, thrips, leafhoppers, etc. are killed using this easily.

II. Another way of avoiding the pests is to begin rotational crops. Pests are usually plant-specific and therefore, rotational crops can reduce their effects. Rotation is common among those farmers troubled by re-infestation of pests (by reducing the pests).

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