Rat and Mouse Elimination Services in Austin

January 23, 2023 DM Pest Rodent Control

If you're one of the many Austinites who have had enough of sharing your home with rats and mice, there's good news. There are various methods to try yourself to get rid of the pesky rodents, and there are also professional rat and mouse elimination services that can help get rid of these pests for good. Getting rid of rats and mice can be a tricky business, so let's explore these methods and get you on your way to a rodent-free home!

Preventing Mice & Rats

  • Keep food sealed: Rats and mice are attracted to food left out in the open. So keep the food sealed in containers to prevent them from getting into your food.
  • Keep them out of your home: Rats and mice can squeeze through tiny openings - even smaller than a quarter! So, if you have any cracks or holes in your home, no matter how small, it's time to seal them up. Sealing up your home only takes a few minutes. First, locate all the cracks and holes in your home - pay close attention to areas around windows, doors, pipes, vents, and wires. Once you've found all potential entry points into your home, seal them with caulk or steel wool.
  • Don't leave pet food out: Pet food is a common attractant for rats and mice. If pet food is left out, it can attract these pests into your home.
  • Keep your yard and  house tidy: A messy yard and house are not only unsightly, but they can also attract rats and mice. These pests are attracted to places with a lot of garbage and debris, so it's important to keep your property clean if you want to avoid an infestation.

Here are some tips to help you keep your yard and house tidy:

  • Pick up any garbage or debris that accumulates on your property. This includes things like leaves, twigs, and old newspapers.
  • Trim back any overgrown vegetation. Rats and mice love hiding in thick bushes and grasses.
  • Keep a tight lid on your garbage can. If rats and mice can smell tasty snacks in your trash, they'll be more likely to invade your property in search of it.

Eliminating Rats & Mice

  • Use mouse traps

An effective way to get rid of rats or mice in your home is to use mouse traps. Mouse traps are available in various styles, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Use Ultrasonic Devices

If you're looking for a safe way to get rid of rats and mice, ultrasonic devices may be the answer. These devices emit high-frequency sound waves that repel rodents without harming them. Ultrasonic devices are available in various sizes and shapes, so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Some devices are designed to be placed in specific areas, while others can be used throughout your home.

Calling in the Professionals

If you're dealing with a rat or mouse problem in your home, it's best to call in professional help. Here's why:

1. Rats and mice can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, so it's essential to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

2. These pests can also cause damage to your home by chewing on wires and walls.

3. Professional rodent control services can get rid of rats and mice quickly and efficiently.

4. They will also be able to identify and seal up any entry points the rodents use to get into your home.

5. Professional services will also advise you on how to prevent rats and mice from returning in the future.

When you are looking for a rodent control company, consider:

  • How long the treatment process will take
  • How often they need to come to your home
  • Their references you may contact
  • Their experience dealing with rodents on your particular type of property
  • The kind of guarantee they offer
  • The costs of their services
  • Whether they are insured and bonded
  • Their expertise with handling rodents in your specific area
  • The safety of their methods for pets and family
  • The methods used to control rats or mice
  • Any promotions or discounts offered
  • What is included in their service contract

In conclusion, if you are having issues with rats or mice in Austin, TX, the best thing to do is call DM Pest Control. They are experts in rat and mouse elimination and can help you get rid of your problem quickly and efficiently. So don't hesitate if you have a rat or mouse issue; call DM Pest Control today!