Tips to Raccoons Trapping and Removal in Round Rock

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

As many of you already know, Raccoons are harmful to you, since they are likely to spread deadly diseases. If they live in the wild, it does not matter to you. But once they start sharing the same space as you, things could go wrong. There may be several different kinds of raccoons available in your area. But the majority of the Raccoon trapping and removal round rock can be done by using the tips which are mentioned below.

Tips to consider while doing Raccoon tracking and removal in Round Rock

  • Raccoons are more likely to live inside your home than your garden

When you think about raccoon infestation, you mainly think about the outer part of your home. But did you know, it is more likely they will make a nest inside your home rather than the garden or lawn? They urinate or defecate as a pack in your attic or basement. The fecal discharge contains eggs of roundworms, which could cause a potential threat to your health. To overcome this problem, cut the tree branches which are close to your roof or windows.

The raccoons tend to climb through those branches a lot. If you take help of any Pest control service Round Rock, you will notice they cover your chimneys with a screen known as a spark arrester. A ½ inch to ¾ inch wire mesh attached underneath your house’s porches or tool sheds or decks is also helpful in avoiding raccoons.

  • Stop feeding the animals

If you leave out food for raccoons outside your house, then will believe your home is a place of an unlimited supply of food. Do not feed to raccoons if you want to successfully Raccoon trapping and removal. If you have a pet and you feed them outside your house, make sure to bring their bowls indoors before dusk and put those out every morning. If any food is on the ground of your garden, make sure to pick them up so that the raccoons could not get those.

  • Install an electric fence in your yard

This is an effective way of keeping raccoons out of your home. Many raccoon-control companies like DM Pest Control suggests installing an electric fence. These fences do not kill the animals but give them a painful jolt of electricity. The raccoons will instantly know to not come inside your property. The rails should be powered from early morning to evening. They might be painful to you if you accidentally brush your hand against the fence.

  • Do not touch dead or live raccoon with your bare hands

Pest control services Round Rock says it is deadly to you if you pick up dead or alive raccoons without using any protection. The animals carry roundworms and parasites, which are readily transmissible to humans through their fecal discharge. These worms have a deadly effect on very young and ancient people. For other healthy human beings too, these roundworms are harmful.

Though raccoons are very inconvenient and harmful to you, you should never kill any raccoons inhumanely. There are various ways you can get rid of them other than killing them.