What You Need To Know About Flies

February 17, 2021 DM Pest Pest Treatment

Flies. Those pesky little guys are always cramping our style. Picnics, camping trips, sports games, especially in our own homes. Some days it seems like there is nothing quite as irritating as the buzz of a fly in the quiet of your home!

House flies generally breed in dumpsters and garbage cans, fermenting vegetables, or manure. One adult female fly can lay 150 eggs in a single batch, and will lay up to six batches in her 30 day lifetime. Once the eggs hatch they become maggots, then on to the pupal stage, and after 4-6 weeks they have reached adulthood and go out to seek their new stomping ground.

Fruit flies are another pesky household bug that can seem to be impossible to get rid of. There are over 170 species of fruit flies around the world. They like warm, moist environments for laying eggs. A female can lay up to 500 eggs in her 22 day life span. Unsealed containers of fruits and vegetables, edges of cider bottles, wine or beer, sometimes even rags with leftover food particles on them.

Both house and fruit flies are carriers of disease due to the nature of their existence and the things they are attracted to. While neither type of flies bite, they spread disease by food contamination. House flies are known to transmit as many as 65 different diseases.

The best way to prevent flies is with simple measures. Flies are the most active in warmer temperatures, from late spring to autumn. Keep windows and doors closed to limit access to your home. Keeping food sealed and counters clean, along with clean and secure garbage cans will reduce the appeal your home has to flies. Contact DM Pest Control for help!